Friday, 16 March 2018

Various activities facilitated in the stock market

The activities in the financial markets are facilitated by the market participants such as banks, financial institutions, brokers and dealers, custodians, depositories and depository participants, among others. Institutions such as mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds are large and informed investors who provide funds in the markets and provide liquidity and stability. They also play an important role in the proper pricing of financial assets since they can source and evaluate information better. Banks and financial institutions aid the actual transfer of funds between the participants and may also be present in the markets to source funds for their activities or as investors of funds. Fund managers and financial advisors provide the service of advising and managing funds for investors so that their savings are invested in a way that suits their requirements the best. These ensure the delivery of best services via providing the share market tips daily.

Apart from the financial markets, the economic activities are supported by the development of other markets such as the commodities markets and foreign exchange markets that protect producers, consumers and businesses against adverse price movements. The research hubs also extend MCX free tips to the traders who trade in the Indian commodity market. Similarly, a well-developed insurance and pension markets protect the personal financial situation of households apart from playing an important role as an institutional investor in the financial markets.

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